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Emma Philbin Bowman: The Art of Wanting

11/08/2021 11:56 | Anonymous

The Art of Wanting

'to be running breathlessly toward, but not yet arrived is itself delightful, a suspended moment of living hope...'

Anne Carson

with Emma Philbin Bowman and Simon Courtney

a comprehensive course on Teachable, with 8 live sessions on zoom

Saturday mornings, 9-11am, October 16-Dec 11 2021

The Art of Wanting offers a rare opportunity to engage with a theme that touches all of us deeply: how we may live in more authentic, healthy dialogue with our longings and desires.

Psychotherapist, Writer and Facilitator, Emma Philbin Bowman created this course in response to how easily we can neglect this crucial element in our lives. She and Simon are delighted to be offering a new live group on Saturday mornings from mid-October.

We have found wanting is a particularly valuable theme to explore in a safe, contained and intentional group. This deepens our sense of the range of each theme and expands our empathy with ourselves and others.

The course is carefully designed to support each participant's unique journeyEach week contains:

  • a fresh module on teachable organised in brief, digestible kernels
  • our live meeting where we work with the material in the full group and smaller breakout sessions
  • thematic guided meditations for a slower, more embodied process
  • 'Optional Deepening' section for a more comprehensive treatment of the theme

More info – full curriculum and testimonials here. Book in August for Early Bird IAHIP discount. The code is CARPEDIEM, or use this direct link

 This course aims to deepen and enrich our engagement with the deep value of wanting as a natural and healthy source of energy and creativity.

We explore wanting as a capacity that can be developed and deployed with increasing skill, flexibility, genuineness and intimacy. (This is not a course about entitlement or success - more a recovery training for those of us who feel muted, vague or hesitant to honour our needs, longings and desires).

The Art of Wanting is carefully structured to support each participants’ unique journey. We offer an optional 20 minute 1:1 session at the commencement of the course and during the integration week:

“Brilliant, inspiring, warm, engaging...I loved the theme of the course. It met all my expectations and more. I love the style of Emma's facilitation, the quality of teamwork, videos and writings, the generosity of engagement.”

Ebru Nuhoglu Reilly, Participant

“I found it an excellent course and it far exceeded my expectations in terms of its richness, content delivery and engagement with other participants. It has opened up new forms of discovery...”

Wayne Dignam, Participant

“The live sessions are what made the big difference… I loved the group element and the noticing of similar and different themes and the way they all seemed to add to the richness of the theme - the “we” element was very powerful.”

Ciara O’Neill, Participant

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