IAHIP has created a new pathway for IACP accredited Psychotherapists* who have completed an IAHIP Recognised Training Course to Join IAHIP with ease. We are the pre-eminent body for humanistic and integrative psychotherapy in Ireland and represent person-centred, holistic treatment approaches for each individual.

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*Terms and Conditions of Application - full terms listed in the application form.

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Migration from IACP

For Psychotherapists and Supervisors accredited by IACP who have completed an IAHIP Recognised Course.

Click here to access the list of current IAHIP Recognised Training Courses 

Courses which were IAHIP recognised at the time of completion will also be accepted, use the space in the application form to give details. 

Criteria for acceptance as a Psychotherapist.  

  • Successful completion of an IAHIP Recognised Training Course - see below regarding courses which were formally recognised. 
  • Two years (minimum) accreditation with IACP
  • Minimum of 250 total psychotherapeutic experience as a client – conducted by a suitably accredited psychotherapist who worked from a humanist and integrative perspective.

Criteria for acceptance as a Supervisor.

  • Meeting the criteria listed above.
  • Completed a Supervision Training Course in line with IAHIP Bye-Law 5E
  • Applicant must have been practising/accredited with IACP as a supervisor, under regular supervision for at least one year prior to completing this application process.  

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Use our online portal to submit your application using the 'Migration' form. Your supervisor will receive a 'Supervisor Report' from us which will attach to your application and the Accreditation Committee will review your application. A membership fee is charged to tho those who have been successful, which will activate the accreditation and membership of IAHIP. 

Once a member, can I register with ICP?
Yes, once your application has been approved and ratified, you can register with ICP and also apply for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy. (ECP). 

I haven't completed an IAHIP Recognised Training Course, can I still apply
No, this pathway is only for those that meet the criteria. 

How do I apply to become an IAHIP Supervisor using this pathway?
IACP Supervisors who meet the criteria to migrate using this pathway as a psychotherapist will see the option to apply to become an IAHIP Supervisor at the same time. Follow the steps in the application form. You can't be an IAHIP Supervisor without being IAHIP Accredited as a Psychotherapist first.