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Pre-Accred Associate

In order to apply for Pre-Accred Associate status, you must meet the criteria laid down in Bye-Law 4 & Bye-Law 11.

  1. You must have graduated from a training course which consists of 2 Phases. Phase 1 of the overall psychotherapy training must involve postgraduate level course-work in a psychotherapy training organisation. It must extend over a minimum of four years, and it must have been preceded by a relevant undergraduate degree of a minimum of three years duration (or equivalent). Phase 2 must consist of a pre-accredited period of between one and five years only.

  2. Have the intention of becoming accredited members of IAHIP and of fully meeting the requirements of Phase 1 and Phase 2 set out in Bye-Law 11

  3. Are practicing as a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist under regular supervision - with a minimum frequency of monthly supervision. Please note there must be a clear distinction between line management and Clinical Supervision

  4. Are covered by a policy of insurance for professional indemnity that specifies public liability, modes of practice, working with legal minors and the operational legal jurisdiction

  5. Consent to be governed by the IAHIP Code of Ethics and Practice and to be subject to the Complaints Procedure as if they were accredited members; (However, as they are not accredited members whose training and practice has been assessed and approved by the Association, nothing shall oblige the Association to respond to or deal with any complaint against a pre-accredited associate;

  6. Provide recommendations from their current supervisor and from an accredited member of IAHIP.

Pre-Accred Associate Application Form>>

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