IAHIP maintains a register of Accredited Supervisors and considers supervision essential for ensuring quality of delivery of psychotherapy.  Supervision provides support, oversight and learning. It ensures an upholding of standards in practice and is

"...a regular, protected time for facilitated, in-depth reflection on practice"

(Bond & Holland, 1998: 5).

At the core of supervision is care for the client. Supervision is embedded in all IAHIP membership categories that involve client clinical practice.

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Applying for Supervisor Accreditation 

In order to become an IAHIP Accredited Supervisor, you must have met the following criteria:

  1. be an accredited member of IAHIP

  2. have five years of experience in supervised practice as a psychotherapist, after their accreditation by IAHIP or by an equivalent organization acceptable to IAHIP

  3. maintain a psychotherapy practice which they pursue from a humanistic and integrative perspective

  4. have delivered a minimum of 1200 hours of post-accreditation psychotherapy work

  5. have successfully completed a supervision training course that meets the criteria specified from time to time by IAHIP.  (See clause 3 of Bye-Law 5c and Bye-Law 5e)
  6. have had at least 1 year’s experience of giving supervision to a minimum of 50 hours, including at least 12 hours one-to-one supervision with the same supervisee

  7. be currently supervising no fewer than 2 individual supervisees

  8. provide a comprehensive Supervisor’s Report attesting to the quality and quantity of the applicant’s supervisory work and confirming also that the applicant maintains a psychotherapy practice

  9. provide evidence that they currently have appropriate insurance cover for both the psychotherapy and supervision work they are doing

Information Documentation for Reading

Forms & Documents Required

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You will be required to upload:

  • Certificates of Training
  • Course Leaflet
  • Insurance Certificate

Please note that applications must be received two weeks in advance of the accreditation committee meeting date in order to be considered. However, it is not always possible to process all applications even if received in time, and therefore some may need to be processed at the next meeting.

Re-Accreditation as an accredited supervisor

In order to apply for Re-Accreditation as an Accredited Supervisor with IAHIP you will need to meet the criteria laid down in Bye-Law 5D

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A member making an application for re-registration as an IAHIP accredited supervisor must fill in the appropriate application form and:

  • Indicate that they have maintained a supervision practice

  • Show evidence of having received supervision of their supervision practice, and have their statement of this on their application form countersigned by the supervisor(s) of their supervision practice

  • Show how their choice of CPD activities has enhanced and supported their practice as a supervisor

  • Show evidence of current professional insurance cover in relation to supervision practice

Information Documentation for Reading

The following docs should state what they contain as opposed to just the Bye Law name

Please note that applications must be received two weeks in advance of the accreditation committee meeting date in order to be considered.

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