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Peace Inside - Vacancies

06/08/2021 14:15 | Anonymous

About us:

A new and fresh mental health and wellbeing center is coming soon to the heart of Galway City.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional, tailor-made, mental health, and wellbeing services.  Providing a safe, professional, welcoming environment we meet our clients with an encouraging integrity, ethical consideration and unfaltering trustworthiness where each individual feels understood respected and valued.

Our integrative approach is fundamentally client-orientated and adapted to provide therapeutic support tailored to each unique person and their needs.

Our hope for our clients is that they find the compassion, wisdom and strength at their cores and they can find their own versions of Peace Inside.

The positions:

We are looking for part-time/full-time employed counsellors and psychotherapists to enter a respectful, supportive, professional relationship with us. The ideal candidate will be an accredited therapist and member of IAHIP, IACP or registered with ICP. They will bring an imaginative, creative nature to their therapeutic relationships, comfortable in being themselves in respect to the client.

Someone who enjoys working within a team culture and wants to be a part of something new that is proactive in advancing the perception of counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland. Build a long-term relationship.

Therapist Competencies:

  • Skilled at establishing and maintaining secure therapeutic alliances with their clients, customising sessions to meet their individual needs.
  • Comfortable in being themselves in therapeutic relationships.
  • A sense of curiosity and compassion in their accepting and empathetic exploration of their client’s lived experience, listening for those parts that may need nourishment.
  • Able to reflect on and share constructive feedback within a supportive team environment.
  • Strong communication and writing skills.

Therapist Responsibilities:

  • The core work of the therapist will be the provision of professional face-to-face or online counselling/psychotherapy services.
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date client records.
  • Engagement in weekly group sessions where relevant themes and processes will be presented and discussed.
  • Therapists will be encouraged to deepen their awareness around emergent themes with the creation of written material in the form of articles or blog posts.
  • From time-to-time therapists may be required to assist in the production and presentation of, seminars/webinars of subjects developed by the centre.
  • Attend monthly group supervision sessions.

Work Hours:

  • Positions will, initially, be on 1-year fixed contract basis with permanent positions offered subsequently to suitable candidates.
  • Part-time therapists will have an average of 6 client contact hours per week with a maximum of 8 which can be spread between 2 or 2.5 days per-week.
  • Full-time therapists will have an average of 14 client contact hours per week with a maximum of 17 contact hours which can be spread over a 4- or 5-day week.
  • Therapists’ supplemental duties will have an inverse relationship to their client load, the more client hours the less additional requests.

Education, Experience and Professional Memberships:

  • Fully accredited member of IAHIP or IACP, and/or Registrant with ICP.
  • A recognised qualification at a minimum level 8 or higher on the NQAI framework in Counselling or a level 9 in Psychotherapy, or recognised equivalent.
  • Experience of working with a wide variety of presenting issues and with both shorter- and longer-term clients.
  • Garda vetting is a requirement of this position.

What we offer:

  • Salaried position.
  • Paid annual leave in proportion to days worked per week equivalent to 4 weeks per year.
  • Flexibility and support to how therapists want to work.
  • A respectful and comfortable working environment.
  • A culture encouraging continuous learning and professional development complimenting the therapists’ interests.
  • Pro-rata reimbursement of professional indemnity insurance. 


For further information or to apply with up-to-date c.v. and cover letter, contact eoin@peaceinside.ie

The Irish Association of Humanistic
& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) Ltd.

Cumann na hÉireann um Shíciteiripe Dhaonnachaíoch agus Chomhtháiteach

9.00am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri
+353 (0) 1 284 1665

email: admin@iahip.org

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