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In order to apply for accreditation, you will need to meet a set of standards as defined by IAHIP.

You will find full details of the accreditation criteria in the

COVID19 ADDENDUM - Remote Criteria

Click here for more details>>

Updated July 2022


Step 1:
Please download and read all the documentation below:

Please also read:

Step 2: Please download & complete the following forms:

1.   Current application form>>

Any old or outdated application forms won't be accepted after 1st September 2022

2 Covid-19 Addendum Form>>

Only to be completed by 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year students during the academic years of 2019-2020.

4. Breakdown Of Training>> 

5. Application Checklist>> 

Sample Log>> (addendum only)

Forms updated 30-05-2022


Once your application is submited it will be presented at the next available Accreditation Committee meeting. Incomplete applications or applications missing elements will delay submission to the committee. 

As IAHIP is a volunteer based organisation the application process can take up to 6 months, however the current average is 3 months. 

Applications from Non-Recognised Training Courses can take longer to process due to the additional checks required with these applications. 


🔍To find an IAHIP Accredited Supervisor, please use the directory here>>
Non-IAHIP Supervisors are accepted, but must meet the criteria as outlined in Bye-Law 11 [Section 7]


  • Application forms must be Spiral Bound. Please keep the Application Form together as one document – all extra documentation should be after the full application. 

  • The Checklist must be fully completed and placed at the front of the spiral bound application pack. During the COVID period please send a scan of your full application and send a PDF copy to admin@iahip.org. - (Maximum 2 PDF Files).

  • Please also see guidance notes regarding didactic supervision during training. (7.1.2 of Bye-Law 11)

  • All applications must be legible.

  • All relevant sections completed and, where necessary, supporting evidence supplied.

  • All ratios stated – when totals are requested in the form they must be completed

  • Please see: www.iahip.org/calendar to view the next Accreditation Committee meeting date. Applications (posted, PDF copy and payment) must be received 14 days before the committee meeting date. 

  • When we receive your application you will get confirmation by return. After which, processing of the application may take three to six months to complete. 

To view subscription & application fees, please click here >>

*The Governing Body of IAHIP reserve the right to adjust the standards and criteria at any time.


To pay for your Accreditation Application fee or your Accreditation Membership fee online, please click the link >>

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