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[CPD Opportunity] Diploma in Nature Allied Psychotherapy comes to Co Fermanagh

07/02/2023 16:33 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Common Ground N.I. are hosting this course in Nature Allied Psychotherapy and would welcome enquiries and applications.

The course is offered by The Nature Therapy School from London and is an immersive learning opportunity in the magical setting of a farm that is being rewilded and includes woodland, river and meadows.

More information re the London Course, which will be adapted to this new context, is available here -


This is an exciting one-year training exploring your relationship with the natural world and developing your confidence working relationally with clients in and with nature.

Nature Allied Psychotherapy provides a theoretical framework, establishing a modality which:

  • takes place in natural settings,
  • works at relational depth in and with nature
  • explores the clients’ relationship with nature in addition to exploration of their human relationships
  • practices an ongoing relationship between client, therapist and nature
  • exposes clients to the health promoting qualities of nature
  • is an applied form of psychological anthropology
  • is part of an ancestral lineage, grounded in traditional ecological knowledge

The dates for the course in Fermanagh are:

14-16 April;

26-28 May;

23-25 June;

28-39 July;

1-3 Sept;

6-8 Oct;

The cost is £3948 per delegate.

Course Leader: Beth Collier

Course Facilitators: Nicole Worrica and Suzanne Worrica.

If you wish to apply directly to Nature Therapy School, then use -


If you wish to contact Common Ground N.I. use - robbie@commongroundni.org

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