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Between Defeat and Destiny

06/12/2022 15:41 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Between Defeat and Destiny
with Emma Philbin Bowman BA, MIAHIP

A free Online offering 

'Between Defeat and Destiny is a carefully crafted distillation of a theme I have been passionate about for many years: how to retrieve passion, buoyancy, and vitality from the shadows of stagnation and despair. Christopher Bollas' understanding of this territory is potent, original and a hugely supportive vehicle for those engaged in inner work. Between Fate and Destiny covers the kind of territory that will speak to people who love Leonard Cohen - textured, expansive and paradoxical...'


This humble, self-paced course speaks to three deep strands in each of our psyches: Fatalism, Destiny and Yielding. Based on the innovative and brilliant work of psychoanalyst Christopher Bollas,

Between Defeat and Destiny offers a fresh view on n how we may engage compassionately with territories of despair and re-align with our vitality and uniqueness.

'Emma’s deep insight into these themes was profoundly awakening for me. It led me to discover the subtle, dynamic relationship between fate and destiny... I began to see where I had more agency in my life, my future, not purely based on a pessimistic view, originating in the past.'


'Emma’s ability to juxtapose the concepts of fate and destiny and introduce yielding into the mix is powerful and evocative...'


About my work: *Between Defeat and Destiny is an extract from my more extensive offering Tending Our Future, a course that is available in self-paced and live versions. My approach strives to make rich analytic theory more widely accessible, by way of a synthesis with contemporary integrative spirituality and live, presence-based explorations in small groups.

To inquire further: emmapb@me.com

Available free of charge for the month of December, Between Defeat and Destiny is suitable for psychotherapists, clients, and others involved in inner work.

All info and registration here.

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