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[CPD Opportunity] Systemic Theory and Practice in Family Constellations 2023 Online

22/11/2022 16:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Systemic Theory and Practice in Family Constellations 2023 Online

Spanda, in association with Ochre (Ireland) is happy to offer a 6 module Online course on Systemic Theory & Practice in Family Constellations.

Course Overview

This 12 day online course consists of 6 modules x 2days each module. (78 hours)

Schedule of Dates for 2023

Module 1: Feb 23rd & 24th

Module 2: March 23rd & 24th

Module 3: April 27th & 28th

Module 4: May 25th & 26th

Module 5: June 22nd & 23rd

Module 6: July 20th & 21st

All the dates are on a Thursday & Friday

Timing: 11 am to 6pm IST with short breaks.

It is mandatory to attend all the modules.

Contact spanda.asia@gmail.com for registering.

Family Constellations

We will come together to offer this online course through Zoom in a group setting using human representatives, small figures and a phenomenological approach. This unique method of working online has been personally developed.

In constellation work you are invited to enter a “Knowing Field” - an energetic field where everything that has been created belongs and has a place. The ‘field’ is a place where that which has been excluded can be brought back together again, opening the channels so love can flow.

A broader image unfolds in the work as you see how people relate to each other while seen and unseen dynamics come to light. These dynamics are often guided by, what we call in systemic work, the principles of relationship.

The way we belong in our family systems become very clear, often we are connected by hidden rules, by blind love and binding loyalties. We can appreciate and honour the wise adaptations of our personalities that have helped us to cope and to survive thus far so life could flow on. Life does flow on, but often at quite a cost. And at the same time something happens to the flow of love!

While we journey in constellation in this way, looking through the lens of loving, inclusive compassion, we learn without judgement, what happens when hearts and souls have had to close. We see how it is we belong in the contexts we inhabit and the different loyalties between which we are divided. We find innocence and guilt in the limitations of different levels of conscience. Reconciliation becomes possible between victims and perpetrators in the very act of being truly seen.

We connect with the importance of our sense of place and our familial bonds when everything and everyone is in the right place.

We see the consequences of how ‘blind love’ operates through compensation and identification within a family system through the open heartedness of an innocent child, The constellation process offers a possibility to find a new understanding, a different image which can lead to a ‘Yes’ to the gift of life as it has come down to us. Respecting the full price it cost our ancestors to pass it on to us and acknowledging the full price we paid to receive it.

Thank you for the gift of life!

Our intention:

- That this course will enable you to experience phenomenologically and learn cognitively the principles and fundamentals of systemic family constellation work.

- That while your understanding expands you will start to think in a systemic way and see through a systemic lens, as you view the individual within a larger context. It can have a deeply profound effect when you notice and feel what influences the dynamics within a family system.

- That in the continuum, you experience personal growth and healing through all the different levels of learning offered during this course.

- We hope that you will learn what moves the Soul as you become more familiar with the grammar and language of the personality within the family system. And then start the process of translating it all into the language of the Soul.

- During our time together we will explore the unconscious intergenerational dynamics that operate in our very sacred families. We will learn how the effects of loss, trauma and exclusion are transmitted intergenerationally, and see how these have been experienced within our personal and cultural histories.

- We will also experience the great joy of connection - to be separate and connected.

- As we deepen into presence we will explore our understanding of ‘the field’ which unfolds in constellation work, and see what happens when we pay attention and listen to the truth of experience coming through the body.

- We will learn to be guided by the heart and become aware of the subtle movements of the soul. The movement from the past is into alignment with the present and agreement with all that ‘is’ just as we are, just as it is.

Contact: spanda.asia@gmail.com for registering.

Modules - an overview

Learning during each module will be offered theoretically and at an experiential level:

-Introduction to module

-Meditation/ exercises to deepen presence


-Practice: constellation work, small group work.

Module 1

Belonging: Bringing together that which has been separated 

Serving the first principle of relationship

Module 2

The balance of giving and taking: Bonding and the limits of conscience

Serving the second principle of relationship

Module 3

Tending to the wounds of love: The neuroscience of coping.

Leading to our compassionate self

Module 4

How love flows: Order, things in their right place.

This serves the third principle of relationship

Module 5

Opening the heart: The High Art of Helping

Module 6

Including everything with love: Serving that which we all participate in.

“The Greater Soul”

And so much more!

Before the course concludes you will be asked to write a reflective essay which serves to integrate your learning and experience.

After meeting the criteria for course completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Colette Green, Ochre & Annie Cariapa, Spanda.

After completion of ‘Systemic Theory & Practice in Family Constellations’ Level 1, a further Level 2 course is offered for those who want to to build skills in facilitation of constellations.

Cost: If remittance is from within Karnataka

Please enquire at spanda.asia@gmail.com

Cost: If remittance is from states outside Karnataka

Please enquire at spanda.asia@gmail.com

Cost: If remittance is from countries outside India

Please enquire at spanda.asia@gmail.com


Colette Green MA , IAHIP MIP

Colette is a psychotherapist and organizational consultant, She works as a trainer and supervisor and has been working with groups and individuals for over 28 years in England, New Zealand, Ireland and India.

She trained with Bert at Pichl Austria and Bad Reichenhall in Germany, at the Hellinger Institute of Britain, with Hunter Beaumont and faculty at Zist and Cloister Bernried in Germany and also with Stephan Hausner in Germany. Her training in organizational constellation work was at the Bert Hellinger institute of the Netherlands with Jan Jacob Stam and Bibi Schreuder.

Colette runs Systemic Constellation workshops based on the work of Bert Hellinger and has followed all the many developments within the field of constellation work. She is interested in intergenerational dynamics and the transmission of trauma.

Her research area is 'addiction' and the early childhood experience of addicts. She writes articles and short stories and serves on the editorial team of ‘The Knowing Field’ International English language Constellations Journal. Colette has taught on the H Dip in Psychodynamic Studies, the Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and the Masters in Social work at University College Cork, Ireland.

Colette has always had a great love of horses and nature, a certified equine assisted psychotherapist with Eagala USA she offers psychotherapy, supervision and constellation work with horses 

Co-founder of Ochre: www.ochre.ie, with her husband Sebastian. They work separately and together to enhance relationship, development and change. Ochre is absolutely delighted to be working in association with Spanda in India after an association with India which spans over 40 years.


Annie Cariapa (STA Psychotherapy), BA Psy(Hons)

Annie is the founder of Spanda. She has trained with Bert Hellinger in Bad Reichenhall and holds a Hellinger Sciencia diploma in Family Constellation & Movement of the Spirit Mind. Annie has further gathered her training in Cloister Bernreid, Germany over several years with Hunter Beaumont and multiple senior faculty. She has also had intensive trainings with Stephan Hausner in Germany. Annie continues to learn and develop cutting edge work in Family System Constellations and neuroscience. She has also developed a unique model of working online. 

Annie has been offering Family Constellation workshops In India over the past 12 years.

Annie has worked in the field of counselling & psychotherapy for the past 20 years. She uses an integrated approach, weaving together her expertise in Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic constellation, Hypnotherapy, Body work, an understanding of neuroscience and related modalities in the process of developing wellness, harmony and balance. Her work reflects an integrated, organic, systemic and spiritual approach.

Her workshop ‘Healing Your Inner Child & Living in the Power of Now’ has gained significant interest since 2012, as it continues to integrate the systemic lens and offers a space to grow an inner resilience.

Annie says, "My work has been deeply influenced, not only by my life and work experiences, but also by my

years as a farmer practicing sustainable organic farming. Exploring the analogy, sustainable farming is about finding a balance and about working with both what is healthy and unhealthy, with growth promoters and growth retardants - with life as it is.

The fruit of this way of living is that of flowing with natural energies and of being in harmony. I believe that balance and centredness within our being can only be achieved by bringing harmony to the indivisible body, mind and soul that is guided by a greater power.”

Holistic wellness and healing takes place when we bring back the balance, transcending our entanglements and moving beyond blame to an agreement with life as it is.”


Rekha Kurup

Rekha is a a graduate of the Advanced course of “Systemic Theory & Practice in Family Constellations”. She will be supporting the work during the course. She will also be offering reading groups between modules. Rekha is a trauma-Aware Compassionate Inquiry-Informed Systemic Family Constellation Helper and Keeper of the Cyclic Earth Wisdom traditions.

She offers a plethora of opportunities through her initiatives of She Stands Tall Project and Ordinary Human Project. The pedagogy of her work is founded in a Whole-Person-Philosophy that supports the integration of the Personal,Relational,and Transpersonal experience by supporting individuals to consciously develop the Compassion and Curiosity to Inquire into the Relational Origins of their Triggers, Develop the Courage to do the process – integration work, and Mature the Self awareness to take 100% Responsibility for their Being and Doing in the world.

Her website: www.rekhakurup.com


Our gratitude to Bert Hellinger for Hellinger Sciencia, the scientia universalis, which is the gift that

goes far beyond the self. In this work in India, we have received the personal blessings of Bert and Sophie Hellinger and we continue to feel supported by what has been passed on.

We have been blessed by many wonderful teachers & students in our lives. Thank you. With humility, we all play a part in the emerging Constellation work in India and internationally.

For registrations and booking your place in the course 

Contact: spanda.asia@gmail.com

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& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) CLG.

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