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SuperVision and Continuous Professional Development

11/10/2022 14:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Looking for a supervisor? There are a few remaining places available for online individual SuperVision with Dr. Mary Stefanazzi. But don’t delay because, as the ad says: ‘when they’re gone, they’re gone!’ Phone Mary on 086-8545407 Monday to Friday, between 10am and 3pm, to discuss your requirements.

The aim of Mary’s work is to help every person to flourish – each in their own unique way. 

You may have noticed that Mary presents the word ‘SuperVision’ differently. The depth of meaning of the process of SuperVision with Mary is best captured by this particular representation.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Super’ as excellence, which parallels the suggestion that good SuperVision will always strive for excellence even in the face of adversity. ‘Vision’ is defined as ‘the faculty or state of being able to see’ or ‘the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.’ These definitions best summarise what can happen in effective SuperVision when we are willing to embrace aspects of ourselves and our work that may be missed elsewhere.

Accredited by IAHIP since 1994 Mary has extensive experience and is committed to continuous innovation and learning. Read some client testimonials to give you a flavour of what others have to say about working with Mary.

Continuous Professional Development

There are generally lots of CPD options available that focus on the client aspect of our work as psychotherapists. But where, if anywhere, do psychotherapists go to articulate and unpack their more complex questions about the work in general?

Over Mary’s 20+ years providing SuperVision she has identified many issues that benefit from mature, reflective, professional interpersonal dialogue. The list is extensive but some key categories include: the challenges of working in a profession that is unregulated; financial and ethical dilemmas; the impact of the relationship between state, society and psychotherapy.

Heretofore Mary has facilitated the exploration of these topics in person but is now developing this forum on an online platform. If you are interested in becoming involved in these forthright and dynamic exchanges phone Mary to learn more: 086-8545407 Monday to Friday, between 10am and 3pm.

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