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Growing & Re-Designing your Practice: Free Introductory Online Webinar

08/09/2021 14:55 | Deleted user


Find out more about our Next Psychotherapy Practice Development Programme

Join The Introductory Online Webinar – Saturday 11th September 10.30 - 11.30

This  free introductory webinar will look at the current societal changes and opportunities for psychotherapists. We will also outline the structure and intention for the next online programme and provide an opportunity for discussion and questions.

When Does the Programme Start ?

Starting September 30th, 2021

Meetings will be held once or twice a month via Zoom on Thursday evenings through March 2022.
No meetings will take place during the month of December.

What's it Like?
Groups are limited to 6 members, which will meet once a month for supervision/ practice development tools and discussion.

Additionally, a private Facebook group with all Practice Development Program members will be there for everyday support and community. 

Who is it for? 

Those who are newly qualified in psychotherapy and want support and direction in establishing themselves as a new practice while looking for support and ideas to grow their work


More experienced practitioners who are feeling stuck or undervalued in their work and want help in developing or changing their practice.

What's on Offer?
Insights and ideas on the current shifts in society and the possibilities open to you as psychotherapists

Valuable tools to help you address the issues that might be holding you back, and design the practice you really desire. 

Meeting other psychotherapists and opportunity to network, support and hear new ideas.

Optional Extra

Ongoing supervision and support to provide a space to help you reflect on your client work to attend to your own needs and growing edge as a practitioner

ON SEPTEMBER 11th FROM 10:30am to 11:30am!

About Monica

Monica Haughey is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor who works with individuals and groups in both the private and corporate sphere.  Her passion is in seeing possibilities and supporting psychotherapists and other entrepreneurs in valuing their work and in seeing beyond their current horizons.
Practical and motivational in her approach, she has the ability to support and inspire those she works with in shaping the life they want. 

In 2019 she organised the 1st Conscious Living and working conference in Dublin that connected senior leaders and entrepreneurs in the wellness, business and environmental sectors. She regularly runs groups for psychotherapists and ran a successful and innovative webinar recently on "Trends In Society and Opportunities for Psychotherapists" More info at

Or contact monica@monicahaughey.ie

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