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"This Business of Therapy"; Free Webinar for Therapists

26/08/2021 11:10 | Anonymous

Free Webinar for Therapists

"Ask the Expert" About Private Practice

Date: Friday 10th September 2021

Time: 10am to 4pm

Host: Jude Fay MIAHIP of ThisBusinessOfTherapy.com

Cost: Just your time and attention!!


3 guest speakers with expertise in accounting, personal finance and digital marketing will answer your questions about private practice. Including:

* Could an accountant help me when starting my practice?

* What would I gain from reviewing my personal finances?

* What are the main things i should consider when getting a website?

Jude will also lead participants in 3 powerful exercises to explore the emotional sides of these issues, and how we can get in our own way.

For ten years Jude has been supporting therapists starting their own private practices. She is the author of "This Business of Therapy: A Practical Guide to Starting, Developing and Sustaining a Therapy Practice" available on Amazon. She is a practising therapist and supervisor, as well as a Chartered Accountant.

For more information: https://thisbusinessoftherapy.com/ask-the-expert-about-private-practice

Book your place here: https://academy.thisbusinessoftherapy.com/registration-page

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& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) Ltd.

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