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People often feel drawn to work with others and to help them.  This pull can come from a deep love and loyalty that stems from within our own family system, our own herd. To work cleanly with others it is important to be able to differentiate ‘what belongs to whom’ and what it is that has drawn us into our chosen profession.  What it is our hearts are longing for.

The ground-breaking work of Bert Hellinger, coming from his training in psychoanalysis to his systemic family therapy, allows us to see ourselves through a lens which brings to light our connections, loyalties and bonds, conscious and unconscious, across the generations. The methodology he developed is called ‘the constellation’ where other people  represent family members, organizational issues or internal parts of ourselves. We use this lens and methodology together with the added help of horses.  We include horse presence and wisdom as representatives in the family field. Clearing our own ‘field’ allows us to work with clarity, awareness and compassion.

When we understand that in order to “give” in a healthy way we must first be able to “receive”. Then we no longer project our entanglements and what is out of our awareness on to our co-workers and clients. So the workshop serves as a protection for the people we work with and also for ourselves.

When we can experience being separate and connected, then we ourselves, and those we work with, become freer to move and heal in a healthy way.   Helping at this level is ‘a high art’. 

These innovative workshops are offered to people who work with others. They are based on the Eagala Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. The arena becomes a container of sorts, a place where parallels to the client’s real life world can be found.  We use a team approach. The facilitating team consists of an equine specialist, mental health professional and most importantly we partner with ‘the horses’.

All activities take place on the ground, you need no previous experience with horses. It is the client who makes  meaning of the process.The structure of the day is based on Bert Hellinger’s work on ‘The high art of helping’ and the three basic systemic principles of relationship: belonging, reciprocity and things being in their right place.

We are interconnected beings who often become entangled in the webs we weave and webs we inherit.

In these 1day workshops we prepare to enter ‘another’s’ field, (the others we work with).  Participants are invited to come into a deeper awareness of themselves within their family field, their family herd. You are invited to come with an open heart and a respectful willingness to explore how the need to belong has shaped you. These workshops often facilitate a very deep inner movement whereby things come to the surface and into awareness in a very healing and gentle way.

When we work in the presence of horses, observing their behavior and at the same time being aware of what happens inside us as we allow ourselves to become attuned to them, We find that they can teach us to be present to our true selves, mindfully in alignment, separate and connected. They are exquisite representatives and they mirror for us in an extraordinary way when we are open to their wisdom. As we enter the energetic field of the horse we can deepen our capacity for a profound transformational process.

Colette Green, MH. Tel: 0868267687

Deirdre Kennedy
. ES. Tel: 0872932120



2017 Workshops

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with Colette Green and Deirdre Kennedy



This workshop will be offered twice this year 

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Sunday april 30

Sunday  October 8th



The Deep Art of connection

This workshop will be offered once this year

And is a follow on for those who have previously attended The High Art of Helping

Sunday June 18th



Castlefergus Equestrian. Quin. Co Clare. Ireland.  Shannon airport 15 mins

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Not to carry any food on you when working with horses.

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Working with horses under the influence of drugs or alcohol maybe unsafe so we ask that you to agree to be free from both when we are working.

We would like to ask you to fill in our feedback form at the end of the workshop, this helps us improve our work.  Thank you.


Please send completed form plus 50 euro non refundable deposit or full payment 185.00 euro by cheque/PO/ bank draft to:


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The lodge

Castlelyons House   Castlelyons   Fermoy    Co Cork.

or contact Colette for bank transfer details

For those wishing to book ‘The high Art of Helping’ and ‘The deep Art of Contact’ workshops there is a discounted fee of 330.00 Euro for both workshops and the deposit payable is 100.00 euro

We will be working in a covered arena.  Please dress warmly. Arenas are not the warmest of places and you can always de – layer. You will need safe  solid shoes/boots suitable for being around horses.

We will provide tea, coffe and scones will be provided  however lunch is not included. You are very welcome to bring your own or we usually go to the local pub. which is the Abbey Tavern in Quin.

Waiver and Release

I acknowledge that working with horses may carry risks. I knowingly assume all risks, whether known or unknown, from watching, grooming or handling horses provided for at EAL workshop.

I waive, release and discharge Deirdre Kennedy, Colette Green, host facility (Castlefergus Equestrian Centre) and sponsors, their agents, employees, representatives from all liability for any act of negligence or want of ordinary care and any and all claim or liability for injury to myself arising out of participation in this workshop.

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