There are three different ways you may advertise to our members.

Inside Out

The IAHIP Journal Inside Out is published three times a year, and is distributed to every IAHIP member, as well as many others outside the association. A display ad in Inside Out reaches the largest numbers of readers, 1,400 issues are printed and posted. The online version of Inside Out does not carry the ads in the printed version.


The cost of advertising in Inside Out is as follows:

  • €115    Half-Page (140mm x 100cm)
  • €230    Full Page  (140mm x 205mm)

Advertising submission deadlines:

To enquire about advertisements for the next issue of Inside Out, contact the IAHIP Office or email

If you wish to pay by cheque, please download, print and fill out this Advertising Booking Form and send it in to us in our office. Then you may email your PDF or Word Document as copy for your advertisement later to


Deadlines for sending adverts for each publication:       Expected publication date:
Summer Journal Issue              10th May End of June
Autumn Journal Issue                10th September End of October
Spring Journal Issue                  10th December End of February


 Distribution of flyers

Twice a year, we allow paper flyers to be included in our newsletter mailshot to our 1,100 or so members. We do not accept advertising in the newsletter itself.

Flyer distribution deadlines:

  • June newsletter:             31st May
  • Christmas newsletter:   30th November

If you can deliver a box of approximately 1,100 single-sheet leaflets to our office already printed before the above deadlines, we will include one with each newsletter. We are currently charging approximately 25c per flyer, and so our charge currently is €275 per mailshot. Please confirm with the office the exact number of letters being posted.

It is preferable that you pay with a cheque to accompany the flyers you are delivering to us, but if you wish you can pay online here.  Please note that if you pay online and the leaflets do not arrive at the office in time for our mailshot, we cannot delay mailing our members, and your flyers will have to wait for six months until the next newsletter.

Online Classified Ads

We are now accepting advertisements on our website in our Classifieds Section.

1,935 people have subscribed to our Public Mailing List.

Every week, on Fridays at 1pm, a digest of the ads posted to this section is emailed to them. This list is comprised of those of our members who have signed up to receive regular mailings from us, as well as members of the general public interested in psychotherapy. Please subscribe here.

Online classified ads are charged at approximately 2c per subscriber to our mailing list, and so our charge currently is €25 per ad. The ads remain on our website unless you ask us to delete them – the more recently submitted ads go to the top. We are accepting ads in three categories – Services, Publications, and Training. We do not accept typeset or designed ads, our font is the same throughout the website, but we do permit images and can provide a link for people who wish to download your PDF brochure or flyer.

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