SOUL SEMINARS – Let’s Talk About Death

WHAT: SOUL SEMINARS – Let’s Talk About Death
WHERE: Dunderry Park, Trim, Co. Meath
WHEN: Thurs 22nd May, 7-10pm
  • Today marks the week long ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week’ by and at the next Soul Seminars we are very happy to be welcoming Dave Phillips to talk about the ways we talk and think (or more accurately, the ways we often try really, really hard not to talk or think) about death. Why is death so difficult to talk about? What are the best ways to start conversations about death? How do we work through grief? What good can be gained from talking about death?

    Death is a taboo subject in much of Western culture, and the ways in which we communicate our thoughts on death and bereavement can add unnecessary suffering to our lives. Armed with a little bravery, a little humour, and a lot of curiosity we will explore a wide variety of topics including religious and philosophical approaches to death, death anxiety, theories of grief and bereavement, and preparing for our own death.

    Given that we will all experience death, Dave argues that we are all equally equipped to participate in a conversation about it. In the same way that the sexual revolution lead to more liberated and frank discussion around sexuality and gender, Dave suggests that a ‘terminal revolution’ can change our attitudes to death and dying, and by deflating the elephant in room, allow us space to live fuller, and less fearful lives.

    As always, you are welcome to arrive from 7pm for tea, and the main talk will start at 7.30pm. Drawing on his personal experience with illness and death, and on his training and experience as part of a hospice bereavement support team, Dave will lead us through a series of questions about death that he suggests we all need to consider more regularly. Following a break for tea and biscuits, we will open the floor for group discussion, as we are sure this will be an evening that will resonate with everyone.

    About Dave

    Dave Phillips is editor of Network Magazine, a long-running quarterly magazine focused on holistic approaches to psychological and physical well-being. After studying Religions and Theology at Trinity College Dublin, Dave trained with St. Francis Hospice, where he worked as part of their Bereavement Support Service for several years. He believes that staying close to death is an essential part to maintaining a healthy life.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Dunderry Park and the next Soul Seminars!

    Martin Duffy

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