Mindfulness Retreat: Relating to ourselves, Relating to others

Mindfulness Retreat:

Relating to ourselves, Relating to others

A Residential Retreat


Mary O’Callaghan


Dunderry Park, Trim, Co. Meath

March 7th to 9th 2014


From the cradle to the grave we are relational creatures and being with others is central to our existence.  The patterns of how we relate to ourselves and to others are laid down during our early years and because they become so ingrained we find it difficult to gain perspective on the ways we enact them.  We tend to carry these early patterns into our adult relationships in very automatic and unconscious ways. Some of these patterns may be positive and life affirming while others will be deadening and destructive.  In either case, when we relate (to ourselves or to others) in ways that are automatic and unconscious, we rob the encounter of authentic connection.


The practice of mindfulness helps us to recognise these automatic patterns and to wake up to their limiting and often harmful influences.  By learning to slow down, embrace what is arising and look deeply at how we relate, we can explore skilful ways of cultivating what is helpful and releasing what no longer serves us in our way of relating.  Mindfulness offers us the tools to recognise the spacious and fluid nature of our heart and mind and provides us with a variety of practices to engage more creatively with ourselves and others and to discover our capacity for whole-hearted engagement with ourselves and others.


Mary O’Callaghan MA (Jungian psychology) is an accredited psychotherapist who has been exploring meditation practices for over thirty years.  During this time she spent eight years living as a Buddhist nun and underwent intensive training in Eastern philosophy and meditation practices.  Over the past 9 years she has been teaching mindfulness courses at Oscailt, the Centre she runs in Dublin.


Cost of retreat is €245 (includes tuition, meals and accommodation).  For more information please contact Natasha Duffy on 046 9074455 or email Natasha@spiritoffolk.com




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