Meet and Nurture your Body Self

Feldenkrais Self- Awareness, Self -Care and Early Life Attachment History Workshop

This experiential workshop is for psychotherapists, counsellors, counselling psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals (students attending personal therapy are welcome) and will allow participants to touch into their attachment history held in implicit or procedural memory in the body.

It is led by Anne McGuinness, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Psychotherapist, and has grown out of Anne’s many years of interest and experience in the field of attachment and early life relationships  and the use of a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement approach to safely access the residues of attachment history held in the body.   It has grown also out of Anne’s personal experience and belief that Feldenkrais offers practitioners in the m

ental health field a self –care tool that is unparalleled while at the same time growing our awareness of our body selves that offers both a deeper grounding in oneself and greater access to body resonance to client experience (body/somatic countertransference).

Date:           Sunday 28th May 2017

Time:           10am – 1pm (assemble at 9.45am to start promptly at 10am)

Location:    Clonlea Yoga Studio 28b Sydney Avenue Blackrock Co. Dublin

                     ( for directions, map and details of parking

                     and transport)

Cost:            60.00 euro

CPD:            3 hours- certificates available – meets self-care categories           

Booking and Information: 

Anne McGuinness Feldenkrais Practitioner and Psychotherapist or Ph: 086 8141 702 

Participants will lie on the floor and will be guided by Anne in making small movements that explore and expand their awareness of their own personal movement habits.

In this workshop I will use the Feldenkrais approach to somatic re- education and balancing of the autonomic nervous system to first soften stuck or limited everyday movement patterns; secondly to explore self -soothing movements that can be used to calm body stress patterns; thirdly to explore certain movement patterns related to early life experience.  We will safely explore subtle body stress patterns as well as rest and digest patterns that may come to the fore, especially in looking at the early life movements which may include body memories related to our experience of significant attachment figures.

Feldenkrais uses novel, pleasurable, slow, gentle and often playful movement explorations done with awareness to reduce the muscular tension associated with ordinary life stresses as well as more traumatic stress either physical or emotional. This is a powerful self -care tool.

Feldenkrais works directly on the autonomic nervous system, facilitating homeostasis between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, so bringing the self into a better dynamic balance between fight/ flight/ freeze and rest and digest, thus reducing sympathetic hyper-arousal markers.

This workshop is innovative bringing us closer to our attachment experience, into the world of implicit relational knowing, while at the same time working to keep arousal levels within the window of tolerance in which awareness, and potentially change, is possible.

Please note that though there will be some time for sharing individual experiences in the group this will be focussed on body experience in terms of naming it. This is not intended as a group therapy experience and it is anticipated that each participant will be responsible for taking care of him or herself (supported by the careful planning of the work by Anne to keep within the window of tolerance), and will take away his /her experience to explore and process its more personal significance in terms of the narrative of his or her life.

Anne McGuinness is a member of the Feldenkrais Guild UK and of Feldenkraisireland – the professional bodies for Feldenkrais Practitioners in Ireland -and has been practicing as a Feldenkrais Practitioner working with groups and with individuals including with those who have experienced early life attachment and other traumas since 2010 and is a pre- accredited member working as a psychotherapist towards full accreditation with the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy having completed a four year training in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Tivoli Institute Dublin in 2016.

A more detailed description of the workshop and a fuller bio for Anne is available on request.

See for a full description of Feldenkrais and its benefits




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