Integrative Bodywork Course


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                                                     Person Centred Approaches     



September 2013   to   May 2014

 The course offers a practical set of tools for any psychotherapist with a desire to understand and include body process awareness with clients.

It is grounded in an integration of the theories of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen, both of whom were forerunners in developing awareness of the body in the therapeutic relationship, within the humanistic approach developed by Carl Rogers.


Theory & Techniques – Rogers, Reich, Lowen

Character Structures– Formation & Purpose

Bioenergetics – Choreography of bodywork

Applied Skills in Practice – Facilitated and directed 

Supervision & Case Study– Developing Presence

Ethical dimensions– Client care and self-care 

Participants must hold a qualification in Psychotherapy and be in practice



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                                         Course places are kept within a fixed limit


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