Inside Out: Life Mastery Workshops

Inside Out: Life Mastery Workshops
2 x 1-day Workshops, Sat 21st Sept & Sun 17th Nov, Wicklow Mountains
These two days are an opportunity for you to Master Your Life as well as having some Time-Out at a great location to Connect With Yourself.  The workshops combine Energetic Clearing and Re-alignment with Self-reflection, Experiential Learning and Tools to help you live your life from a Higher Perspective: Retrieving Your Own Guidance, Releasing Your Blocks and Creating Your Reality in a way that matches who you really are.  Includes guided experiential meditations. Topics 1-4 will be covered in the first workshop and topics 5-7 will be covered in workshop two. “Brilliant” “Amazing”  “Beyond anything”.

1. RAISING YOUR VIBRATION: How to get yourself into a good place and maintain this, What it means to raise your vibration.

2. POWER OF THE MIND: Looking at the negative and positive aspects of the mind; How to still the mind and use it to your advantage. Exploring the true power of your mind.

3. EMOTIONAL AWARENESS: Understanding your emotional system, Learning to release trapped emotion easily; Using the emotional system as guidance, How to connect with your Spirit.

4. BELIEF SYSTEMS: How we create belief systems, How belief systems shape us and How to release limiting beliefs energetically.

5. WHAT’S YOUR PURPOSE?: Find out more about who you really are and the true purpose of your life.

6. CONSCIOUS CREATING (manifesting): Understand how we create, Learn tools to help you consciously create that which is most aligned for you.

7. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Review, How you can use the tools learned in your everyday life, Questions & Answers on applying these.

What others are saying:  
Catherine, my deepest love and respect for you as for the journey we walked. It has been an amazing rollercoaster ride, which I enjoyed from start till ending. You are guiding in a warm, loving and gentle way removing blocks which are no longer supporting in my life. You heal at a profound level, which made it for me possible to change the things in my life and doing it with ease. I love that I can be at a level of being, supported by source and astonished by all the things we have released and where I am now at in my life. Next to this I really enjoy your sense of humor! R. Netherlands.

Ps. For anyone who is interested to do and learn things yourself. Follow one of her classes! “

 “It’s been a few weeks now since I completed the Inside Out Life Mastery class with Catherine and the group. I found the material very informative and well presented. Catherine’s way of explaining the content in a practical way allows for its integration while the experiential part of the lessons enables its application to everyday life. Since the course, I feel more in charge of myself and my life. Knowing that I have the power in me to effect positive change in my life has changed the way I view things. I was enabled to find the learning and growth in the negative. The most important change for me is knowing I can raise my own vibration and that I can identify what supports and negates my positive vibrations. Catherine’s connection with the group and her availability for questions, and feedback during and after the course is a testament to her wonderful caring nature. If only there were more teachers like her! Thank you Catherine for a wonderful experience and I look forward to the follow up class.” E. Ireland

 Investment: 120 euro per workshop, 15% discount when both purchased together before 24th August 2013. Includes lunch, tea/coffee, and beautiful surroundings.


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