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Journey with my analyst

For R.C., in memory and with eternal gratitude
by Paul Daly

Big jawed giant, grappling, awkward-graced smile
Lighting one side of his mouth, an eye, lit
Half in sadness wanders as an exile
Across creased face, over Aquiline, it
Ponders, a gentle snort, then light resumes
Wisdom’s jaunty hike over rugged footholds
(Hanging out into space one may presume),
Camaraderie flames from brow’s strong folds,
Calling lustily, companion below
Faint echo hears, gazes upwards, summit’s
Blue eye glances kindly down, drop of snow
Falls flat cold on hand, palm facing ground wet,
Stillness shining light as air pitiful,
It might well have been the Place of the Skull.

Paul Daly
This poem was first published in 2015 in Migrating Minds, a collection of poetry and prose
by Bayside writers.

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