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Global Healing

by Shirley Ward (9th June 2019, Pentecost)

Our Blessed Home
Called Mother Earth
Glides in the space called Father Sky.

Becoming tainted since the birth
Of humans –
By their birth right -
Think they own the land, the sea, the sky,
And trash it all before they die.

But any birth,
By trauma caused,
Adds to the very pain of earth.

A living organism that gives us,
The very air we breathe,
For life and health and love and joy.
And yet no thanks
We give to our home, that is no toy.

We should but stand and weep
And say:-
“Oh Planet Earth
Let us dig deep
Within our hearts
And strive for all people to save our home
From rubbish, selfishness and greed.
Clean up our act
And willingly give up
Our whim-
To plunder all –
We are so dim.’

A dying planet cries out each day, as nature calls each one of us to save our common home.

Dig deep within your very soul
To find the time, the love and care

To heal not only your birth to save the earth,
But find the peace and kindness too-
To live in sacred union-
As ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
We die to live and rise again.

May future generations see?

How pregnancy dictates the way
We treat the earth by our own birth.
Wake up humanity and be prepared
To change your life.

And don’t be scared! 

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