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The response to the first issue of INSIDE 
OUT – some of which appears on the Letters 
page of this issue – was both encouraging and
 sobering. Many people were delighted to see 
the emergence of such a publication in Ireland
 and expressed their willingness to support it in 
its early development. Others were 
disappointed: INSIDE OUT did not appear
 to offer what they were looking for.

For the Editorial Committee it was back to 
the drawing board. While we cannot 
obviously hope to please all of the people all 
of the time, we do need to decide at whom we 
are aiming. Is it possible to produce a 
publication that is of interest to both
 practitioners and consumers of psychotherapy
 or will that leave us dangling ineffectually 
between the proverbial two stools? Can we
 combine a networking, keeping-in-touch 
function with a more hard-hitting, thought-
provoking, challenging approach? What, in
 fact, are our boundaries? We need to define 
ourselves more clearly and in a way that will
 both say who we are now while still allowing 
us room to grow and evolve. We are working
 at such an identity and for the time being at
 least we are dropping the subtitle – The
 Journal of Humanistic and Integrative 
Psychotherapy in Ireland – which was perhaps
 over-optimistically conceived in the euphoria 
of actually getting a publication off the 
ground. For now we arc simply INSIDE
 OUT – A Quarterly Publication for
 Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.

Wc would ask you not merely to bear with 
as in our infancy but actively to join with us
 by sending in your articles, letters, book
 reviews and comments, both praising and 
criticising. And of course, don’t forget to take 
out your subscription to INSIDE OUT.

The Irish Association of Humanistic
& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) Ltd.

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email: admin@iahip.org

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