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We are delighted with the response from readers 
and contributors alike. Inside Out is now halfway
 through its second year of publication. The quality
 and diversity of contributions remains high. Most importantly all the material we have published has been 
relevant to Ireland and the experience of 
Psychotherapy here.

This Issue brings together articles from a wide
 spectrum including Hypnosis and Primal Integration
 and Regression Therapy. We also have a report from 
the 7th Annual Conference for the Exploration of 
Psychotherapy Integration.

The Editors welcome and value your comments
 and opinions about the material published and we encourage you to take pen in hand to let us know your 
reactions. In this way you help us to produce a better 

In recent issues we have explored the world of 
training and we especially want to hear from trainees 
or recent graduates. Tell us about your experience and
 what your training has meant to you.

More and more people in Ireland are becoming interested in psychotherapy and we are glad to see this 
development. Inside Out is happy to be part of this
 growing interest. It is a wholesome trend. We would
 like to hear from people who have been in psychotherapy themselves. Let us publish your experiences 
as clients for the benefit of our readers whether pro
fessionals or other interested individuals.

If you are interested in writing, whether it is sharing your experience or describing your particular area
 of interest, then here are some guidelines: articles 
should be in the region of one to two thousand words 
and where possible they should be typed in double

Now it’s over to you

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