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The word psychotherapy covers a vast array 
of different approaches to tackling the 
problems of both human unhappiness and 
human growth. It is this very variety that makes
 the field of psychotherapy so exciting, 
challenging and at times confusing.

In this issue of Inside Out we look at some
 of these approaches. Richard Erskine, in his
 article on Cure and Script, describes his work
 with life scripts and how to change them.
 Patrick Sell looks at the biodynamic, Reichian 
approach and the work of Gerda Boyesen. And 
Alan Mooney considers the emergence of the 
’new man’ and the value of groups in
 facilitating this changing role.

We have two interviews: Helen Davis of the 
Minster Centre, in conversation with Ger
 Murphy, gives us the benefit of her 
considerable experience both as a therapist and
 as a trainer of therapists and has some 
interesting thoughts on the profession of
 Psychotherapy in Europe today; Mary Montaut 
talks to Margaret Vasington and Audrey
 Dickson about their work with animal imagery
 and the Totem Pole Workshops.

Our Course Report in this issue comes from
 a participant: Joe Gleeson gives us his reaction 
to the one-year full time professional Diploma 
training in counselling psychology at Trinity
 College, Dublin.

In future issues we hope to continue to 
explore this varied world of psychotherapy and
 counselling by focusing on specific issues. In
 our next issue we look at Women and

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