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My first introduction to group therapy came when I heard a programme
 on BBC radio many years ago. It was a barely edited tape of a session of
 psychodrama held in a prison. The two therapists were young women, the
 rest of the group all male prisoners, and topics explored included extreme 
violence – and yet there was a feeling of deep trust and safety as the men
” acted” out their unfinished business, wept, shouted, discovered.

The power of the process and the sense of healing were palpable. Needless
 to say, I was utterly fascinated by the programme, but I never did manage to 
find either a course on Psychodrama here in Ireland, nor even one of
 Moreno’s books in print.

It is good news, then, that a Diploma in Psychodrama is at last to be 
available in Ireland at Newtown House, Doneraile, Co. Cork. Under the aegis
 of Catherine Murray and Jinnie Jefferies, this course will be starting in
 January 1993 and will certainly be a major addition to the field of 
psychotherapy in Ireland.

Information is available from Catherine Murray at the above address, or 
phone (022)24117

Mary Montaut

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