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We have received a warm response to our new 
format where we now focus on a particular theme 
in each issue. Alongside this we carry our regular 
features on conferences, seminars, etc., which
 seem to be particularly relevant and topical to the 
field of humanistic and integrative psychotherapy.

In this issue, we focus on the theme of Loss
 and Grief. We see this theme as centrally 
important in therapy, not merely in the working 
through of particular current losses. Such issues
 are dealt with by therapists and counsellors 
frequently, but at a deeper level. Infantile loss,
 with its consequences for the subsequent ability
 for attachment and intimacy, is crucial to a great
 many therapeutic processes. We offer two articles
 which explore the grieving process, three personal
 accounts and an interview with a front-line carer.
 We realise our survey of the theme is far from 
complete, and we include a letter which we have 
already received where a reader requests some 
focus on the theme of loss in marital separation.
 We would welcome an article on this theme,
 perhaps, for a later issue.

In our Winter Issue we will continue our focus 
by looking at the issue of Child Abuse and some
 of the therapeutic questions it raises. In line with 
our decision to look alternately at topics and
 practice themes, we will focus on practical 
therapeutic work using Dreams in our Spring 

Finally, we include reports on the first public
 meeting of the Irish Standing Conference for
 Psychotherapy and on the Association of 
Humanistic Psychology Practitioners Conference.

As we continue to evolve, we would very much 
welcome any further comments on our new 
format and any suggestions for themes or topics 
which you, our readers, believe we should cover.

The Irish Association of Humanistic
& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) CLG.

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