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The exploration of dreams is a focus shared by a number of the main schools of psychotherapy. In this issue we give our attention primarily to a practice based approach to working with dreams. We have chosen to include articles that focus on befriending and entering our dreams. Thus we allow them to speak to us as opposed to imposing a dream interpretation. Our dream world is a Land to be visited not Colonised!

In our Summer issue we will introduce some thoughts on the Transpersonal elements in psychotherapy. We will also include our annual review of training courses in counselling and psychotherapy currently available in Ireland.

The Autumn issue will be directed to Men’s Issues in psychotherapy and as always we welcome articles and letters on these areas. It may be you have a thought of writing your thoughts or experiences but never got around to it. With the advance notice given here perhaps you might think again about writing?

Finally, we want to celebrate the embodiment of our own Dream, with this issue Inside Out is three years old. We thank you our readers for your enthusiasm and support.

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