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We live in a time of specialisation and categorisation and psychotherapy is no exception to the rule. It is not only the outside world that deals with this split between mind and body. It also happens in therapy and this is the ineffectual paradigm which has all the problems that history has given it.

The effect of the mind/body split has been to stop people thinking to any great extent of their body, except when ill. The body is often con­sidered as only the possession or vehicle to house the mind. We are focusing on bodywork because part of our ethos is to contribute to the healing of this mind/body split in a holistic way. Body psychotherapy offers one possible route to the reintegration of this split. We hope we have managed to give an overview from the point of view of prac­titioners of body psychotherapy, and we have also dealt with the specific theme of focusing.

The theme of our Spring 1994 issue will be Questions of Addiction and the Summer issue will address Training. We thank you for your support of the journal, and we wel­come comments on this or past issues.

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