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Group Work and Accreditation – Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater?

Defences: Gain and Loss and Vice Versa

Gain, Loss and Change as Journey and Exploration in Psychotherapy

The Other Side Of The Couch

Gains and Losses in Family Therapy

The Reality of Eating Disorders

“Freaky Friday” – September 1998

Addiction: Its Gains and Losses

Gain and Loss in Psychotherapy for Adults Who Have Been Sexually Abused in Childhood

Giving Up Omnipotence – Reflections on the work of R.D. Laing

BOOK REVIEW: Kathleen Dowling Singh, The Grace in Dying: how we are transformed spiritually as we die

Book Review: Riva Miller and Derval Murray, Social Work and HIV/AIDS (Practitioners’ Guide)

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