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Book Review: Mystical Dogs by Jean Houston PhD 
(February 2003)

Published by Inner Ocean, Hawaii 2002

This book is a great gift for humanity. A former President of the American 
Association for Humanistic Psychology, Jean is a prolific writer and multi 
talented teacher in the field of human potential, sacred psychology, spiritual
 pathways, levels of consciousness and inner awareness. Her work involves
 the intertwining of disciplines on the quest for spiritual renewal within the
 whole development of the individual.

In this her nineteenth book, Jean shares her profound knowledge and 
wonderful sense of humour, about her experiences with the dogs that have 
been her companions throughout her own journey from early childhood.
 She describes eight stages of the spiritual or mystic path which each dog 
enhanced for her. She calls her pets, friends of our spirit and guardians of
 the soul. Advocating the profound spiritual connection between humans and 
animals can help us on our spiritual path to become one with nature and the 

Fans of the author, and those not yet familiar with her writings, will have 
their minds expanded, their spirits filled with wonder and their hearts and
 souls uplifted as they are touched by the sheer genius and simplicity of this
 ‘breath of fresh air’ book.

I am going back to my Tonkinese cats to thank them for what they teach me.
 As Dr Doolittle did, let’s talk to the animals – more!

Shirley Ward

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