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The Space…

Holding on for something
In the dapper suit,
With the smart smile.
I polished shiny shoes,
Can he see his sharp eyes?

Calling friends, for the roast,
Raise a glass. A toast!
And those who couldn’t make it,
We’ll be thinking of you,
In good will letters by post.

But it’s gone now. Its over now,
The plans didn’t work out,
With himself and the Wife,
The kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a mouse.
Just cuts from the knife.

Breathing in just fumes,
Blowing flames out.
He cant see or find his way,
He’s walkin’ in a daze,
In his dizzy fuckin’ maze.

Where did I fit in?
How do I get out?
Standing, waiting for the fall,
Just waiting for a call.
Do I Scream Out?
Trying hard to shake this,

I follow this the trail.
I feel you close now,
And I’m so scared now,
But I know I must go on.

I can’t stand it – here with nothing.

Holding On For Something.


Patrick Lennon – this poem came from a dream and from it I realise that ‘Holding On For Something’ holds great importance for me. On my journey I have met and touched deep sorrow and hurt but my hope and will have remained strong, though maybe not always visible. This poem speaks of an abusive old man and the grip he continued to have even after his death. It speaks of a child fear and adult fear and of a loosening of that grip, a freeing up and new beginnings; “When I sleep, feelings so alive, Awake I start dreaming.”

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