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Introducing the new IAHIP Logo

by Mary de Courcy



The new IAHIP Logo, devised by Shirley Ward, was amended and agreed by the Governing Body in April 2005. Inspired by the EAP logo, the ICP logo and a poem, ‘Dancing the Spiral’ by Susan Lindsay (Inside Out, Feb. 05), the logo draws together a symbolic representation of Ireland, the spirals of life and the containment of psychotherapy. The three interconnecting spirals have echoes of prehistoric Rock Art and the universally recognised symbol of Ireland, the shamrock. The spirals are placed asymmetrically within and crossing the lines of the outer framework.  This signifies the continual dynamics in our collective relationships with life, our profession and our national identity. This logo is also intended to have a horizontal and vertical interpretation which in therapeutic terms can be seen as external and internal expression. This further stresses the nature of our psychotherapeutic work. The IAHIP banner and spiral mirror the logos of the EAP, the European Association of Psychotherapy, and the ICP, the Irish Council of Psychotherapy, thereby emphasising the important link between all three associations. This logo should in Shirley’s words, “represent continuity, artistic growth and be an inspiration to all people”.

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