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‘they try to understand me from the outside but I can only be understood from the inside’.

                                                                                                                       Pope John Paul II

Whenever Inside Out is in the process of publication it seems major global events are taking place which influence the psyche of the planet and its people. These last weeks have been no exception with the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II He has been an important figure to over one billion people for over 26 years, having had a profound effect on many.

Psychotherapists listen to people’s stories daily – and Karol Wojtyla’s life journey and story may have influenced him becoming one of the greatest Popes ever. Many of his poems and writings are philosophical, showing characteristics of a man with a profound understanding of suffering. Having experienced profound suffering in his earlier years he became Pope at the age of 58 having no living relations. His extremely perceptive poem, ‘Schiziod’ shows an extraordinary insight into understanding suffering beyond endurance.

Dr Frank Lake’s book ‘With Respect – A Doctor’s Response to a Healing Pope‘ (1982) Lake examines the reasons why this man, viewed by many as being sympathetic and of great sincerity and commitment, was also a hardliner and a man of old fashioned authority. Pope Benedict XVI emerges XVI now emerges, at 78,  as the paternal figure of the Roman Catholic Church. The internalised narrative of the Roman Catholic Church may need to be turned inside out in this new millennium.

In this issue Theo Dorgan, in conversation with Thérese Gaynor, explores the emergence of the feminist discourse and the crisis in male identity as among the elements of our present day narrative. The theme of ‘role of the masculine/feminine’ is raised again in Maeve O’Brien’s review of Benig Mauger’s book “Reclaiming Father‘. In a similar vein Deirdre Mannion Carr states “It is time for the Masculine Principal to enter Irish Psychotherapy in a more meaningful  and consistent way.”

The editorial board thanks all contributors for this edition. More articles are needed for publication and we encourage trainers whose students may have written work that can be used for publication, to also encourage them.  Letters written by readers are much appreciated – more please! Back issues of Inside Out may be obtained from Jane Clancy at the IAHIP office.

The editorial Board is proposing to initiate a series of low cost workshops. These may be held on Saturday afternoons from 2-5, in the IAHIP Office. Suggestions from readers are welcome.

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