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A message from Violet Oaklander

The Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation   PO Box 30607   Santa Barbara   California     93130   USA     31st January 2006


Dear Friends,

It is a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to correspond with you through the pages of Inside Out.

For many years I have so enjoyed my visits to Ireland and have welcomed visitors to California for my two week training programme, now in its 24th year.   This July training may well be the last one, but I might do one more to honor my 80th birthday!

I would like to tell you about a foundation that has been formed by a very committed group of people to make sure my work is carried on as I approach retirement.   The founding members are all dedicated to preserving, extending and supporting the work I have developed, Gestalt therapeutic work with children and adolescents, as well as continuing training work with adults.

The Violet Solomon Oaklander Foundation  has launched a website, and are working with me to develop training programs; establish a speakers bureau; publish a quarterly newsletter for Friends of the Foundation; create an archive library; sponsor VSOF conferences and much, much more.

Since writing ‘Windows to our Children’ in 1978 it has been translated into twelve languages.  Last year, Inside Out published part of my forthcoming new book, ‘Hidden Treasure: A Map to the Child’s Inner Self’ which is to be published by Karnac Books, London in October of this year.  It continues my work in Gestalt Therapy with children, focusing on the process-orientated approach which I find to be so natural and effective.  It is so important to use creative, expressive techniques to help build bridges to the child’s inner self in order to foster awareness and emotional understanding.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking those who have supported my work over the years.  If you have a continued interest you will find the website on www.vsof.org and may contact me by email on oaklander@gestalt.org.

I send you my warmest regards and best wishes for 2006.

Violet Oaklander. PhD

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