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The Space

I am

I have spoken to you in rhymes and riddles and raced across the sky before your eyes like clouds skirting ahead of a rasping cold November wind,

I have shone into your face for days of many and been the light of the full moon that cast shadows in the darkness as you walk to your car at night,

A days work done.


I have been the raindrops that dampened and caressed your face trickling over your lips, dropping gently from your eyelashes and running down your neck.

I have been the mossy woodland dampness of the warm dank deer inhabited wood.

I have been the Roe deer that gazed at you silently as you walked.

One second an eternity.

Gentle eyed and knowing you, before disappearing again in to the darkness.


Nothing where I stood but velvety blackness and yet though I am gone I caress you in that soft darkness.

Again I touch your face and whisper in your ear as a gentle breeze through an open window.

Flicking papers across your desk and down on to the floor.

And just for a moment you look up from your books distracted.


Maria Daly

The Irish Association of Humanistic
& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) Ltd.

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