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As the year 2012 looms we are moving into the tenth year of the revival of Inside Out. The journal started in the early 1990’s and was originally a business. In 2002 the Governing Body bought Inside Out and it became the National Psychotherapy Journal for the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy edited  by volunteers. The GB approached Mary de Courcy, Angela McCarthy and Mary Arthurs to revive the journal; they in turn incorporated Thérese Gaynor, Shirley Ward and Bernadette Costello. In time Sarah Kay, Ursula Somerville and Margaret Byrne were also invited on to the Board at varying times. Today the highly skilled team of Mary, Thérèse, Shirley, Sarah and Ursula now welcome Sylvia Rowe with her editorial and computer skills to maintain the very high standard of the journal.

Inside Out has well documented the journey and history of IAHIP and the development of psychotherapy over the years. International writers have made valuable contributions in their specialised field of work; members have contributed articles depicting their own personal journeys and life stories; and also workshops and book reviews. Members are reminded that back copies of the journal may be purchased from the IAHIP office. There is a wealth of information in them for further study, references for assignments and research.

As the association approaches its twentieth year we are saddened by the passing of some of our members. There are tributes to Paula Loughlin, a long standing member who will be sadly missed, written by Sheila Killoran-Gannon and Brian Howlett. We also have tributes to Noel McGuinness who is so fondly remembered by former colleagues and friends. And we remember also another member, Sister Mary O’Neill from Bray whose work with children will leave a great gap in the Bray Community, died earlier in the year. To their families, friends and all they came into contact with, we send our condolences.

This issue also contains articles pertaining to personal journeys and are of a compassionate and spiritual nature. Individuals pursuing reasons, and discovering trauma and how to live above it – show the great strength of spirit in the human race to survive and bring out the good in humanity.

We welcome the conversation between Alison Hunter and Sarah Kay. Alison, approaching her 80th birthday in March 2012, founded Amethyst 30 years ago and was one of the pioneer psychotherapists, and pre and perinatal psychotherapists, in Ireland; and a founder member of IAHIP.  Alison has been recognised by IAHIP as the first Honorary Member of the Association. Our congratulations are extended to her.

Whatever our belief system, individuals appear to be on a Sacred Journey in their lives struggling to come to terms with the meaning of life; the search for spirituality and the answer to the question ‘Why?’ We either select or reject our own personal sacred psychology and how we live it is our own personal choice.

The Editorial Board welcomes your articles, opinions, letters; and any news or contributions concerning friends and colleagues in our association.

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