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Jewel of Hope

As I walk into the room amid the chaos,
The chaos of mother in floral apron hoovering,
Therapist flitting in and flitting out,
I am surrounded by black ebony of the walls,
Ebony of the floor, the only thing that is static is me,
In the chair, waiting, waiting for the chaos to subside,

As she comes in and flops into the chair, I think finally, finally I have her attention

She sees me; I am no longer invisible amidst the chaos,  

I am still surrounded by black, ebony on the walls, ebony on the floor, the only thing

That is still static is me,
Where is she off to now, on the floor grappling, grappling for what?
I know, I saw the black faceted bead fall to the floor from her ear,
Such a small jewel in such a wide ocean, a glimmer of light reflecting in all its faces

I see it, I want to cry out but no, you can find it for yourself
I see it; I see the jewel of hope, the hope of a new beginning.
It is the hope that is within me.
Because I am that jewel of light in the vast ocean sea
And the light that burns within is of me

Marie Merton May 2012

(Based on a Gestalt approach to dream interpretation which happened towards the end of my psychotherapy training in the Tivoli Institute, May 2012)

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