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Tribute: David B. Chamberlain, PhD 1928 -2014

by Shirley A. Ward

David Chamberlain

The death has been announced of David Chamberlain after a long illness. David was a Californian psychologist, author and editor who lectured on his pioneering work in Birth Psychology in 20 countries. He visited Ireland in 1998 lecturing on his use of Hypnotherapy to discover and resolve traumas arising in the womb and at birth. In his landmark research with mothers and children in 1980 he demonstrated that birth memories were reliable memories. For eight years, from 1991-1999, David served as President of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, the organisation he founded in 1981 with Dr Thomas Verny.

His book, ‘The Mind of Your Newborn Baby’ (1986/1998), has currently been translated into 13 languages. His last book was ‘Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Whole Baby from Conception to Birth’. Some of his research work has been documented in articles in Inside Out. With his life’s work he leaves a great legacy to the world, transforming the concept of life in the womb.

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