Continual Professional Development (CPD) in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy is a crucial aspect of ensuring that mental health professionals stay current, competent, and effective in their practice.

Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy emphasises a holistic approach to understanding and addressing mental health concerns, considering the individual's unique experiences, emotions, and self-actualisation.

CPD Hours or Points?

IAHIP work with CPD Hours, some organisations have developed a points system which they will have a guide on how this is calculated. However, CPD points isn't a universally accepted system and each organisation will vary how the points are determined.

IAHIP Accredited Members, submitting CPD as part of their application for re-accreditation, need to demonstrate the CPD Hours accumulated in line with the re-accredation criteria.

Do applicants need to submit CPD as part of the application process?

First time applicants for IAHIP Accreditation are not required to submit CPD, this is an option open but not required. 

IAHIP Accredited Members seeking Re-Accreditation will need to submit evidence, where requested, of completion of the required CPD Hours as outlined in the Re-Accreditation Criteria. 

How should I demonstrate CPD completed?

Scheduled courses should have a course outline that shows the number of teaching and personal study hours. If the course completion certificate doesn't show the number of hours, an accompanying confirmation document will be needed. 

Workshops completed where a certificate has been issued without the duration of the course will need to have an accompanying document to verify the number of hours. 

Further information for IAHIP Re-Accreditation

Please see the Re-Accreditation Criteria - [section 5].