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Period: 1st Jan 2021 to 30TH Sep 2021 only

For 3rd year students only during the period of 1st January 2021 – 30th Sept 2021 recording Clinical Practice, Supervision Group/Individual, Personal/Group Therapy, Didactic Supervision hours which took place during this time. 

Please note: The Governing Body of IAHIP reserve the right to adjust the criteria at any time.

The COVID19 Addendum 3 Form must be completed in full and submitted in the spiral bound pack with your Accreditation Application.

Working remotely is defined as 1:1 video or phone clinical practice, personal therapy and supervision and must have a duration of a minimum of 50 - 60 minutes per psychotherapy session (more frequent shorter sessions that accumulate to 50 – 60 minutes do not constitute a psychotherapy session).

Remote Clinical Practice, Individual/Group Supervision, Group/Personal Therapy and Didactic Supervision before COVID19 Restrictions on the 11th March 2020 are not permissible by IAHIP for Accreditation purposes.

For the period above, a maximum of 60 video only hours can be counted towards first time Accreditation and does not include telephone or other methods for sessions.

This form must be completed in full by 3rd year students only during the timeframe outlined above and submitted with your Accreditation Application.

Face to face sessions remain the preferred method for commencing clinical practice however we recognise there may be a need to implement some level of remote work given the COVID19 continued levels of travel restrictions and risks associated with face-to-face clinical work.

  • The recognition of these video clinical hours is based on appropriate training for video psychotherapy being completed by students and that students are assessed for individual competency.

  • Therapists need to discuss with their supervisors their own fitness to practice should they test positive for  COVID19 or if they are isolating due to being a close contact with a positive case of COVID19.

  • Appropriate assessment of potential clients will be essential in addition to the management of environmental aspects and use of secure video platforms.

  • The matter of insurance cover and legal jurisdiction will also need to be addressed for students – covered further later in this document.

  • IAHIP also recommend additional support by trainers and supervisors should 3rd year students engage in remote video clinical practice to ensure their safety.

  • Records/logs must be attached to identify video clinical practice/supervision sessions.

  • Reasons outside of COVID19 restrictions for video/phone sessions must be given throughout this document.

  • End-to-End encryption platforms must be used to ensure the confidentiality of clinical practice. Therapists need to be vigilant with regard to the platforms they use for clinical work.

  • Therapists working remotely need to contract with their clients that sessions in whole or part are not recorded i.e. Siri & Alexa etc.

  • All changes in supervisor/s during this period, must be completed on the original Accreditation Application form.

Regarding Under 18 Clients – Guardians are contracted to provide a space that is confidential to the under 18 client & therapist only. Guardians are also contracted that sessions are not recorded in whole or part recorded. The ongoing cooperation of guardians in these issues are a minimum requirement for therapy to proceed. The guardian is mandated that, in partnership with the therapist, they keep the therapist informed on these matters. Supervisors need to be vigilant in their Supervision of client hours for under 18 clients.


Legally and ethically all IAHIP psychotherapists are mandated to have Professional Indemnity insurance in place for the chosen modes of practice used. All Insurance Certs must list both Video & Phone if those modes of practice are used for the relevant periods of remote practice forwarded for application. For those working in agencies, evidence of the agency’s Professional Indemnity Insurance governing the modes of practice used in the agency is required. If working with clients in other legal jurisdictions the insurance cert must specify the legal jurisdiction that the policy covers.

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