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Donna O'Shea
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Donna’s background is in Social Studies. She worked for a government agency in Child Protection. She decided to take time out from this job and trained as an Outdoor Instructor. During this time the seed of ‘Outdoor Therapy’ was planted.

She worked for government agencies (HSE, Tusla and University Limerick), non-profit organisations, community support groups and now her own private practice of ‘Inner Wild Therapy’.

Drawing from the principles of Gestalt Therapy, Donna empowers her clients to embrace their present experiences and explore their sensations, emotions, thoughts and behaviours in the context of their surroundings. She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. She works collaboratively with her clients to uncover their innate strengths; challenge limiting beliefs and find their true authentic self.

Donna will guide you in walk-and-talk therapy or simply sit on a rock and breathe. She also offers other Ecotherapy techniques. Maybe some clients prefer to bring some of these techniques indoors, in the comfort of her office. Some clients are not keen on the idea of ‘Outdoors’ (especially in the four seasons in one day here in Ireland) and would like to just focus on the 'Therapy'. Donna also offers Remote Therapy for those who feel more comfortable in the coziness of their own home and surroundings. The needs of her clients are paramount and will facilitate indoor or outdoor therapy. She is here to support you in every step of the way.

Donna wishes to honor the courage of her clients who reach out for support and aware how challenging the first step to therapy is. Reaching out for support is not easy; it requires exposing vulnerability and placing trust in The Therapist.

Donna truly believes that her clients have the innate ability to heal. To trust that they have the answers to their problems. Her role is to guide them to explore their answers.

If you would like to start your courageous, compassionate and caring journey towards wellbeing, please see the contact details. Your path to self-compassion and personal growth awaits!

Thank you for reading my profile
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Meet Donna O’Shea, a compassionate and experienced (10 Years) Gestalt Psychotherapist who believes in the healing powers of nature.She works in her private practice 'Inner Wild Therapy'.

With her expertise in Play Therapy skills and Gestalt Therapy, she creates a safe and nurturing space where individuals of all ages can explore their emotions and discover new possibilities.

Her expertise is working with children, young people and supporting their families. She is passionate about supporting adults who have suffered childhood trauma and helps them heal their Inner Child wounds. She also offers parental support.
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087 6613 960
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Killorglin, Kerry
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