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Ann M Ruth
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  • Psychotherapist - MIAHIP
  • Supervisor - MIAHIP, SIAHIP
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My aim is to support my clients on their journey of discovery, helping them to find out what it is to be who they truly are and to support them in establishing more fulfilling ways of relating to themselves and others. I believe that Mind, Body and Spirit are intertwined and that including the Body in psychotherapy brings about a deeper experience of connection to ourselves and others. This helps to explore painful and unresolved issues and feelings from our past and present thus enabling a deeper understanding of the origins of trauma/deficits, which helps us to feel a great sense of freedom, aliveness and authenticity. I have integrated humanistic, psychodynamic and body orientated approaches in my practice as a psychotherapist, supervisor and group facilitator/trainer. I also include a spiritual dimension for those who wish to embody this as part of their journey. EMDR is another approach I use.
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