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  • Psychotherapist - MIAHIP
Anne McGuinness
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I offer individual counselling and psychotherapy for adults. I have an interest in particular in depression, anxiety/stress and panic, self- esteem issues, developmental trauma and complex post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship and attachment issues following on adverse childhood experience, bereavement and loss including breakdown of relationships and general feelings of finding it hard to flourish in living. Research shows that it is the quality of the therapeutic relationship that is the most important factor in promoting change, growth, and healing for the client in counselling and psychotherapy rather than any specific therapeutic orientation or approach in working. I have this in view in all my work with clients and seek to build with each client a therapeutic relationship that is felt by that client to be safe, supportive and open. I collaborate with each client to find a way of working together that is responsive to the client's needs and preferences. Important recent neuroscientific research into emotional distress indicates that bringing the body into the picture in psychotherapy/counselling has the potential to be a very helpful part of emotional growth in therapy. I integrate an approach that meets the whole person of each client including, where the client feels that is helpful,  exploring how the client's embodied experience is impacted and how the body may become a resource in meeting his/her issues.
Work Phone
083 316 9596
Work Address
Bray Counselling and Therapy Centre, 9 Brennan's Terrace, Bray Seafront Wicklow
  • Wicklow
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