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David Wyse
Areas of Interest
I'm interested that we humans suffer painful experiences alongside carefree moments of joy as we do our best to meaningfully live our best lives.
I'm curious how accurate attunement in psychotherapeutic relationships can encourage healing, integration and empowerment to suffer effectively, helping us to navigate the seasons of our lives, as a life worth living.
I am curious how relationships,famliy and social systems change as we become our fuller selves.

**From February 2023 I expect to have some availability for new client or supervisee referrals.
About me
As a student of Philosophy, Theology and Clinical Counselling, Humanistic & Integrative practice aligned with my values.
I began my practice in 1984.
With further training in Psychotherapy and Supervision practice, most of my experience has been in public service.
I enjoy individual and group work.

I am open to working "in-person" and online.
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087 930 8866
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Fuchsia Farm, Newmarket, County Cork.
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