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Baird Lewis
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Psychotherapy and Counselling For Adults, Adolescents (Teenagers) & Families, Students and Emerging Young Adults. I offer sessions in person in my comfortable therapy rooms or alternatively via online or telephone. I am a fully accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor with the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists. I use my own empathy along with my professional training and experience to help adults, adolescents (teenagers), students at all levels, and emerging young adults find relief from emotional pain or upset. Through having a deep respect for the person or the 'self', I help facilitate healing, better emotional health and understanding. I am caring and compassionate in my manner with people concerned with any number of issues in their life. I have a positive, kind and informed therapeutic manner that helps people in need of support to feel safe to share freely and at depth. This enables more peaceful, centred lives, hence more effective therapeutic outcomes. I have a deeper understanding of how we can both function and live well as human beings in the world but also what can prevent us from living more freely and securely inside. Some typical examples of areas of my clinical experience where I have helped people find relief or understanding from inhibiting or dysfunctional areas in themselves are the following: *Anger and aggression * Adolescence * Anxiety, panic, fear or stress * Bullying at home/work * Caring for others: elderly, vulnerable adults, children/issues arising in providing care * Depression * Disability issues * Employment and unemployment issues * Childhood issues such as loss, neglect, abuse * Conflicts in the home, work or relationships * Loss or bereavement through separation, loneliness, death * Mental health Issues * Parenting and children * Relationship issues * Self-esteem * Sexuality * Stress or other including financial loss * Personal growth & development* Suicide * Spirituality

Therapy sessions are one hour in length and are held weekly with adults or fortnightly/weekly with adolescents depending on assessed need. Ongoing review and assessments are held between client and myself to ensure issues are being addressed as needed. Professional fees apply and may also be available on a sliding scale in order that sessions are affordable

Baird Lewis, M. IAHIP, B.A. University Tennessee M.Div. Duke University Divinity School, Dip. Psychotherapy, Institute Creative Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dublin, Dip. Gestalt Adolescent Psychotherapy, Blackfort Adolescent Gestalt Institute
Work Phone
085 848 4118
Work Address
537 Parkview West, Dyersburg, Tennessee, 38024, USA
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The Irish Association of Humanistic
& Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) Ltd.

Cumann na hÉireann um Shíciteiripe Dhaonnachaíoch agus Chomhtháiteach

9.00am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri
+353 (0) 1 284 1665

email: admin@iahip.org

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