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Grief is a natural emotion centred on feelings generated by the loss of a loved one or something important to us. These feelings are normally felt by everyone in their lives at some point. When we begin to mourn a loss, we are often faced with feelings of profound sadness and grief that we are not always ready for and may struggle to deal with.

Grief can be a lonely place particularly if you are unable to get help from your support systems or you feel like they simply don’t understand the situation. It also could be that you had a complex relationship with the deceased person or perhaps a row shortly before they passed away. It is very important to note that grief can occur from the loss of a personal relationship or a pet, or something else important to us. We grieve to the extent of the relationship that has been lost.

Grief is individual and people deal with it in different ways. While most people process their grief well there can be problems if complex or delayed grieving occurs. In these situations there are many factors that need to be considered and an accredited psychotherapist can help. Psychotherapy can help you work through your emotions, so you can re-engage with everyday life and adjust to your new situation.

A Range Of Experts Available To You

IAHIP Psychotherapists are trained to help navigate people through Grief and Loss. You can search the IAHIP Psychotherapist Directory for these particular issues.

On the Directory page, simply type Grief into the ‘Areas of Interest’ Box:

Additional Resources

For more information on Grief & Loss, you can access articles from our professional journal - Inside Out. Go to the top left of this website page and enter ‘Grief’ into the search box.

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