(updated November 2023)

Annual Membership Fees

Accredited Member €290*  

Accredited Member & Supervisor 390*  

Annual membership rate is reduced by 50% for new members joining on or after the 1st of July

*Members registered to The Irish Council of Psychotherapy (ICP) also pay an additional €100 

Associate and other Annual Subscription Fees

Student Associate    €60

Pre-Accredited Associate    €200

Certified Associate    €200

Friend of IAHIP     €50

Retired Member     €70

Non Practising Member    €70

Affiliate Organisation   €500

New applicants approved on or after 1st July will be charged 50% of their first annual fee.

Application fees  

Accreditation    €200

Re-Accreditation   €150 

Supervisor Accreditation    €200

Supervisor Re-Accreditation   €150 

Appeals Fees

Individual Accreditation, Re-Accreditation, Supervision Accreditation or Supervision Re-Accreditation Appeal    €200

Training Course Recognition Appeal   €1500