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Christmas is one the most challenging times of the year for people who struggle with addiction. Social engagements are up ten fold and we are constantly encouraged to over-indulge and let go of our inhibitions.

People with addiction may display a range of behavioral and physical symptoms, including:

  • Loss of control over drug use, alcohol, food or engaging in certain activities
  • Continuing to use substances or engage in certain activities despite negative consequences
  • Neglecting work, school, or family responsibilities in order to use substances or participate in certain activities
  • Experiencing financial, legal, or relationship difficulties as a result of substance use or participation in certain activities

If you can relate to any of these symptoms it is really important to seek help. Aside from the obvious, addiction can also be insidious. You may need professional help to tackle the issues.

Addictions are often a result of past events or trauma and psychotherapy allows you to get to the root of an addiction. Psychotherapy offers a safe, confidential place for you and/or your family members to talk without judgement. An accredited psychotherapist can help to identify the level of addiction, its sources and create a path to recovery. By implementing specific steps, you can bring your life back on track.

If you are concerned that the coming weeks will challenge you, it is really important to proactively seek out and stay connected with a professional trusted therapist.

A Range Of Experts Available To You

IAHIP Psychotherapists are trained to help navigate people through Addiction.You can search the IAHIP Psychotherapist Directory for these particular issues.

On the Directory page, simply type Addiction into the ‘Areas of Interest’ Box:

Additional Resources

For more information on Addiction, you can access articles from our professional journal - Inside Out. Go to the top left of this website page and enter ‘Addiction’ into the search box.

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