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Guide for applicants

Supervision/Supervisor's report for Accreditation

An aid to all applicants and the Supervisor who filling out applications for accreditation.*
Inaccuracies can cause unnecessary delays to the process of the application.

• The Phase 2 Supervisor report is from all supervisors involved in the last 100 Clinical Practice hours before applying for accreditation. You must have a minimum of 100 Clinical Practice hours in the 12 months preceding application.

• The Phase 2 Supervisor's Report is an opportunity to show how your work has developed through the process of Supervision, and it is important that all questions are filled out in full.

• Your Supervisor must be a fully qualified and Accredited Supervisor, and they must provide details of appropriate Qualifications and Membership of Organisations. Make sure that if your Supervisor is not accredited with IAHIP they must be accredited with an equivalent organisation that understands and can provide support to the Humanistic and Integrative Approach. Where your Supervisor is not an IAHIP supervisor, equivalent organisations may not identify psychotherapists separately from counsellors, therefore you would need to ensure that your supervisor’s psychotherapy and supervision training is in accordance with the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP), as IAHIP supervision aligns with these European Core Competencies.

• Please also ensure that your Supervisor is willing to sign off on the fact that they are working from a Humanistic and Integrative approach.

• During Phase 1 or 2, there must be a clear distinction between line management and Clinical Supervision. Supervision should not have a disciplinary function. Therefore, for accreditation purposes, an applicant who received supervision from a line manager cannot count the Clinical Practice Hours or the Supervision Hours with this Supervisor towards accreditation.

• You must have worked with at least one client for 40 hours or more, and your supervisor must sign off on that in the Supervisor's report.

• The Formative Evaluation when Supervisors do not answer the questions fully, will result in a letter to your Supervisor and delay your application – Yes/No/Good/Very Good answers are not acceptable.

• It is good practice to work with your Supervisor when completing the Supervisor form, and an opportunity for yourself and your supervisor to look and explore how you have developed as a psychotherapist throughout the course of your work.

*This is not an exhaustive list.

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