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As we move through life, we may face different types of mental health challenges. IAHIP psychotherapists are trained to help with the issues you might face over your lifetime. You can search our ‘Find A Therapist’ Directory by topic to find the right therapist for you & your circumstances. All in the knowledge that every member is equipped with the highest levels of training and extensive experience.

To access the directory, use the link below to source an IAHIP Accredited Psychotherapist near you. You can also search for online-based Psychotherapists options using this member directory.

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There is a wide range of mental and emotional impacts related to sexual abuse. People will react in a variety of ways including experiencing shame, guilt, anger, rage or fear. It is important that survivors don’t carry the burden alone. If you would like to find out more about this complex topic and related supports, please click on the link below.

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In recent times, information on menopause and peri-menopause has increased dramatically. While the physical changes during this time are well-known, the emotional and psychological aspects are often overlooked. Find out how menopause and peri menopause can impact emotional well being & how to get help.

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It’s absolutely normal to feel worried on occasion. However, if you’ve found that your thoughts are increasingly negative and you are struggling to pull yourself out of that pattern it might be time to look at ways to help yourself get back to a more positive place.

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According to a recent Irish report, young members of the LGBTQI+ community experienced four times the level of severe / extremely severe stress, anxiety and depression. It is important to highlight that there are psychotherapists who specialise in this area and have the knowledge to understand and help LGBTQI+ people with the issues that they are facing. Read more about gender identity and sexuality and how psychotherapy can help.

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In many cases, people who self-harm are looking to cope with their emotional pain with physical pain providing temporary relief from past trauma. Addressing the underlying issues is an essential part of dealing with these behaviours.

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The experiences we have as children and the relationships we have in our family of origin during this time will have a fundamental effect on our lives going forward. Some actions can have a negative impact in the longer term if left unresolved. Issues such as relationship difficulties, substance abuse and perfectionism can develop as a result of unresolved childhood issues. 

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  Trauma occurs in various different ways and as a result of different experiences and environments. While symptoms can appear within weeks of the event, some people may not realise the impact of a traumatic event until years later when the symptoms eventually create other difficulties or intensify to a problematic level.

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Experiencing major life transitions or changes can be stressful and challenging on many levels & it is normal to take a while to adjust. However some of these transitions can be so overwhelming that they can start to have a huge impact on our mood, thoughts and how we manage our day-to-day life.

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Central to our sense of self and identity is our physical wellbeing. When health concerns arise, for ourselves or for someone close to us, it can impact our mental health.

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Most people experience some level of stress which is a necessary element of life - it’s the level and impact that we need to be mindful of. Problems can arise when ongoing stress can put your physical and emotional health at risk. Learn about Stress, its impacts and how to manage it..

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Grief is individual and people deal with it in different ways. While most people process their grief well there can be problems if complex or delayed grieving occurs. Psychotherapy can help you work through your emotions, so you can re-engage with everyday life and adjust to your new situation.

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Self-esteem is essential to mental health and well-being. Low self-esteem can lead to feelings of shame, self-doubt, anxiety and general inadequacy. It can prevent people from finding fulfilling relationships or following their life goals. People who have low self-esteem can benefit hugely from psychotherapy.

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Christmas is one the most challenging times of the year for people who struggle with addiction. Social engagements are up ten fold and we are constantly encouraged to over-indulge and let go of our inhibitions. Find out more about recognising addiction and how to get support.

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Christmas can be a real test for people who have challenging family dynamics as time spent together increases, and emotions can run high. Find out more about how family dynamics impact us and how to deal with the challenging situations that can arise as a result of them.

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Even the strongest relationships go through challenges and difficult times. When you choose to travel through life with another person you will share stresses, upsets and upheavals, impacting the relationship in various ways. In many cases, life will settle back down but if your issues are lingering, you might benefit from psychotherapy.

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We can all feel sad or low from time to time but some people experience these feelings deeply, for long periods of time (weeks, months or even years). Depression can sometimes be more than just a low mood – it is a serious condition that affects your physical and mental health.

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It is a welcome change to see that mental health is no longer taboo amongst younger generations with young people talking much more freely about feelings and emotions in the main. It does not exclude them however from experiencing the many challenges of growing up. Children and adolescents can be affected by many things.

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The pandemic has triggered a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide according to the WHO. If anxiety or panic attacks are impacting your life,

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Over the course of your lifetime, major changes will occur. While many will be positive, many more will cause significant stress as you adjust to a ‘new normal’. An accredited Psychotherapist can provide expert help as you navigate major changes and deal with any issues (anxiety, addiction etc) that have arisen as a result.

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If you are concerned that your relationship with food has become unhealthy, read this article to see if you might be experiencing the symptoms of an eating disorder. People can recover from eating disorders with the expert help provided in psychotherapy. Find out more about this issue and how to

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Divorce and separation are amongst the most stressful life experiences that a person can go through. By engaging professional help at an early stage in this process you can benefit from expert support & guidance as you work your way through. Find out more about this topic &

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